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December 29, 2013

My Mom, Myrtle (Day) Smith


This site is dedicated to my mom (above) and to my grandmother, Josephine Burnham Day (below far left), who got me started on the family genealogy in 1981.  My husband, Jim, and I are both direct descendants of many prominent early Essex County families. 

I have spent many, many hours verifying and documenting my information, so I am satisfied that all names and dates on my site are correct.  I have numbered and footnoted all of my sources on the Jones page; however, this is VERY time consuming, so on most of the other pages I have simply listed my sources at the bottom without linking them to the actual data.   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my sources. Of course, you should ALWAYS verify new information, no matter where you get it from.


From left:  my grandmother, Josephine (Burnham Day), 
her brother-in-law, Lewis Gaffney, and her sister, Alice (Burnham) Gaffney

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